Welcome to the first interview on my blog and we start with one of boxing’s best trainers, Peter Fury. Peter trains both the current world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and his own son Hughie Fury who holds the WBO Inter-continental heavyweight title. The questions I’m going to ask him will be based on Tyson Fury’s rematch with Klitschko, what the future holds for Hughie Fury and what he thinks about British boxing at the moment.

Hi Peter, thanks for giving me the chance to interview you for my blog. It’s refreshing that someone involved in sport, especially being the trainer of a world champion, interacts with fans like you do.

It was a historic night last year in Germany with Tyson beating the former heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko. I hope the rematch will be yet another special night in British boxing, what are you expecting to see from Tyson in this fight, will he go one step further and knock out Klitschko? 

“Yes we will be looking for the ko this time.”

Providing Tyson does win the rematch, do you think he will actually retire or will the potential for a huge domestic fight with Anthony Joshua motivate him enough to continue? 

“Hopefully Tyson comes through then we want Joshua or Wilder next.”

Hughie recently beat Fred Kassi for the WBO Inter-continental title, the future certainly looks bright for him. How far away do you think he is from a world title shot? 

“Hughie is 18 months 2 years away from his world title shot.”

Could we see him involved in some domestic fights against the likes of Chisora and potentially even David Price if his comeback goes to plan? 

“Yes there could well be domestic dust ups for Hughie.”

It has been a fantastic journey for Tyson and yourself getting those world titles, you make a great team to say the least. Do you think trainers receive the credit they deserve in boxing? 

“Yes trainers get the respect I think. It’s nice to be credited with your hard work.”

How are you finding life as the trainer of a world champion, has much changed? 

“Nothing has changed at all. Still same people we just thankful to the blessed Lord for our victories.”

Finally, British boxing is looking fantastic at the moment with so many different world title holders across a variety of divisions, this is the best boxing in the UK has looked for some time. Do you see us continuing to improve with the likes of Callum Smith, Kal Yafai and Hughie Fury coming through? 

“Yes I see British Boxing on a high right now with good gyms, trainers & serious talent coming through.”

Embed from Getty Images

I would like to thank Peter for his time and his willingness to answer my questions.


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