Hello, my name is Leigh Briars and welcome to 12 Rounds UK, a blog focussing on British Boxing. I currently study Football, Business & Media at UCFB Wembley and hope to post some interesting stories such as the latest news, opinion pieces and a variety of other segments surrounding the current British boxing scene.

Despite being a football fan (as I probably should be to study it), boxing has always caught my attention as one of the more interesting and exciting sports around, especially as we produce many top quality fighters in a variety of different weight classes as well as world title holders. At the time of posting this, Britain currently has 11 different world champions holding 13 belts between them across 9 different weight classes which just emphasises how promising the current British boxing scene is. We also have boxers such as Anthony Joshua and Callum Smith hopefully not too far away from getting their gloves on one of Boxing’s biggest belts.

It’s not just in the ring Boxing is having an impact around the UK, it’s outside of it too with more and more young kids than ever before hoping to be the next Joe Calzaghe or Lennox Lewis. With gyms becoming more affordable, training being more accessible and current stars performing on the world stage, the future is looking bright for British Boxing.

Hopefully some of that has caught your attention rather than knocked you out and has been of interested to you, if it has follow this blog for ongoing updates.


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